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The 2022 Research Council of Zimbabwe Human Capital Development Call for Scholarships for Zimbabwean Citizens.

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is offering scholarships to support MPhil/Master’s by research or taught Master’s degree programs in line with the National Research Priorities (NRPs), Education 5.0, and National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1). Zimbabwe considers education as a key element for sustainable development and achievement of Vision 2030, which calls for the country to become a prosperous and empowered upper-middle-income country by 2030. The scholarship program aims to reward high-achieving students and invest in human capital development in these areas. RCZ anticipates that the beneficiaries from the 2022 Scholarship Programme will contribute to addressing the skills deficit through developing Zimbabwe’s knowledge economy, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Applicants must:

  • Be a national and resident of Zimbabwe;
  • Have a good first degree (minimum upper second class);
  • Be applying for a full-time taught Masters or Masters by research or MPhil in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Applied Sciences at Zimbabwean universities;
  • Research addressing aspects of contemporary issues (artificial intelligence, space science, covid-19, or information communication technology) will be given special consideration; and
  • The Master’s Programme chosen must be geared toward problem-solving and value creation in line with Education 5.0 and National Development Strategy 1


The scholarship covers tuition fees only.

Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarship recipients should undertake to serve in the Public Sector for at least two years after successful completion of their studies.
  • Should a recipient fail their degree, RCZ reserves the right to withdraw sponsorship with immediate effect, and terminate the agreement without any liability to the recipient.
  • The RCZ will also be entitled to terminate the Scholarship at any time, by immediate notice to the applicant in writing, in the event of:

misconduct, whether in connection with his/her study or otherwise;

the applicant’s failure to submit academic progress reports or results in his or her studies;

circumstances, such as illness, arising which, with your university’s agreement, would render it impossible for the applicant to complete his/her Scholarship satisfactorily or prevent the purpose of the Scholarship from being fulfilled;

dismissal, for any reason, from the applicant’s host university;

imprisonment for more than 30 days; and

the discovery of submission of fraudulent documentation.

In the event of such termination, the RCZ Scholarship program shall have no further obligation to the applicant and the applicant shall be bound to repay the amount disbursed under the Scholarship, unless:

the termination is a result of ill health and this has been certified by a registered medical practitioner appointed by the RCZ as genuine and not self-inflicted;

the RCZ has exercised its discretion to exempt the applicant from this condition; and

RCZ’s decision is final.

Application Process

The application form serves as the basis for assessment. The application form can be found on the RCZ website, It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and accurate before submission. All sections of the form must be completed.

All applicants are required to submit certified copies of the following supporting documentation:

  • Undergraduate degree certificate;
  • Academic transcripts;
  • ID document (Passport, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, National I.D);

Reference letters from two referees (One should be an academic reference); and

A three-page proposal for those applying for an MPhil/ Masters by research or one page for taught Masters.

The reference letter should highlight your abilities as an applicant, demonstrate your ability to study at the required level, explain how further study will benefit you, and identify your future potential. Justification for how the study will contribute to the national vision, Education 5.0, should be provided based on the dissertation topic.

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit one set of their application letters and required documents merged in continuous pdf format in the following order:

Application Form;

Certified scanned copy of your letter from the University;

Personal Statement;

Curriculum Vitae;

Undergraduate degree certificate and transcripts;

ID document (National ID/Passport, Birth Certificate);

Reference letters from two referees (One should be an academic reference); and

A three-page proposal for those applying for an MPhil/ Masters by research or one page for taught Masters.


Applications will close on 15 July 2022 at 1600 hours CAT. Please complete the application form by clicking here.

RCZ provides a non-discriminatory forum for all citizens of Zimbabwe, including people living with disabilities. Students of any creed, gender, or background who aspire to further their education are encouraged to apply!!!


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