Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

TENDY Three Investments, a local company recently awarded the tender for vehicle parking management in Bulawayo, has embarked on a recruitment exercise to enable it to roll out an orderly system.

The company is working with Bulawayo City Council to provide a vehicle parking management system in the city. Cabinet recently approved the US$2 million parking system. A video surveillance system will be installed on all roads in the central business district and equipment worth US$700 000 has already been acquired for the project that is expected to create about 500 jobs.

The company intends to recruit 60 parking marshals that will receive payments from motorists, enforce council by-laws within the central business district and monitor parking of vehicles

Interested candidates should submit applications accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and certified copies of qualifications by 22 September. Tendy Three Investments director Mr Bongani Nyathi said as promised, the company will prioritise hiring locals and encouraged those eligible to apply.

“As stated in the advert we are looking for marshals who after selection will undergo immense training on the parking system before we can move on to roll out the whole project in Bulawayo. We encourage residents to apply so that they also benefit from this project,” Mr Nyathi said.

“For now, we stand guided by lockdown conditions to determine when exactly we will start our operations, but we intend to train everyone we are going to recruit as the system requires that they be trained before they are deployed.”

Other benefits of the project include real-time vehicle detection and recording, ability to guide motorists to available parking bays, allowing effective and efficient workforce management, convenience to the motoring public and decongestion of roads.


Source: Chronicle

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