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Women for Economic and Social Empowerment (WESE)

Essay Writing Competition

Closing Date : 15 March 2022

The world commemorates International Women’s day under the theme Gender Equality Today for A Sustainable Tomorrow. Women for Economic and Social Empowerment (WESE) is soliciting for concrete feedback from the citizens on the state of gender equality in Zimbabwe, how other nations are faring and the possibilities that can be realized in an equal society.

  • Entries may be withdrawn by written notice via email at any stage;
  • Entries must be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment, 12 point, Times New Roman font, single spaced, document and should not exceed 2 pages;
  • A cover page providing applicants details, including full name, registration contact information, (cover page does not count towards page limit);
  • Write in your own words. Do not copy and paste material;
  • Cite all sources;
  • Detection of any plagiarism will lead to disqualification.


All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed for

  • i) Responsiveness to the topic (40%);
  • ii) Creativity (30%); and
  • iii) Quality of writing (30%).


The best entry for each topic will be awarded a cash prize of USD 50. Winners will be announced approximately 2-3 weeks after the closing date.

  • i) Gender equality today, are we there yet? How can we accelerate attainment of gender equality?
  • ii).Gender equality; Lived realities from progressive dispensations. How are progressive countries faring?
  • iii)Can gender equality lead to sustainability?


This competition is open to young women between the ages of 16-35. Each applicant is permitted only one entry for each of the three topics. For more information contact office on +263 719 479 959 or send email to info@wesewomen.co.zw

To Apply

To enter, email your application to wesewomen@gmail.com with the subject line corresponding to your selected topic and your name. Only electronic entries will be accepted. Late entries will not be accepted.



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