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Closing Date : 14 July 2021

IOM Zimbabwe

Ref number CFA2021/006

In December 2015, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) received funding support from the European Union under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) to implement the Promoting Migration Governance in Zimbabwe (PMGZ) project. The project was part of the overall National Indicative Programme (NIP) of the 11th EDF between the European Commission and the Government of Zimbabwe. Specifically, this project was implemented under the Governance and Institution building Sector under the NIP.

The project was focused on improving migration management through facilitating review of the overall migration governance structure and processes while also ensuring that the migration legislation in Zimbabwe is aligned to the constitution of Zimbabwe. The PMGZ project supported the establishment of a migration governance framework in Zimbabwe so as to enhance the role of State and non-State actors in managing migration in a migrant-centred, gender-sensitive, and development-oriented manner. The project sought to improve the migrant protection environment and to enhance the participation of the Zimbabwean women and men in the diaspora in national decision making and development programmes. The migration issues of interest include labour migration, trafficking in persons (TiP), mixed migration flows (including refugee protection, unaccompanied minors and undocumented/stranded migrants), integrated border management, internal migration as well as migration and human development and migration and Gender.

The overall objective of the project was: to contribute to the establishment of a migration governance framework (policy, institutional and legislative) in Zimbabwe that supports State actors to manage migration in dialogue with non-State actors and in a migrant-centred, gender-sensitive, rights-based and development-oriented manner.

The specific objectives were: To achieve strengthened institutional capacity and adoption of a coherent and gender-sensitive policy and legislative framework for a comprehensive approach to migration; To enhance participation and contribution of Zimbabwean women and men in the diaspora in national development initiatives in close collaboration with the Government.

The project aimed to contribute towards the realization of the following four interdependent results areas:

Result 1: Strengthened institutional capacity for the coordination of migration management;

Result 2: Coherent and gender-sensitive migration management policy framework in place;

Result 3: Improved migration legislation, service provision and communication for the protection of migrants’ rights;

Result 4: Improved neutral platforms for dialogue and schemes through which Zimbabweans in the diaspora contribute to decision making and national development.

The PMGZ project sought to contribute to these outcome areas just as the overall impact. However, under each of these outcomes are outputs that the project sought to deliver.The external evaluation will be conducted by and independent external evaluation consultant in coordination with the Policy and Support Unit in Regional Office in Brussels and the European Union Delegation in Zimbabwe to draw lessons from the intervention on its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and sustainability.

The external evaluation will cover the duration of the project implementation from December 2015 to May 2020.

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