Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Station : Rwanda

Closing Date : 4 June 2022

Program : Land Surveying

Job Title : Expert Trainer in Land Surveying

Number of needed Trainers : 3

Job Responsibilities

  • Facilitate in the Learning process of the Department
  • Develop and innovate course content to keep programs relevant, current, and up to international standards
  • Teach/Train core modules/competencies in land surveying and related subjects
  • Prepare and deliver training sessions as per module guide
  • Conduct assessments
  • Assist students in portfolio building
  • Assist in integrating industry and academic standards with curriculum development
  • Mark assessments and provide feedback
  • Participate in assessment, certification processes, and promotion of students
  • Submit students’ performance and feedback to the school management
  • Maintain surveying instruments and equipment used in training
  • Actively engage with current trends in teaching and learning strategies within the ‘School environment
  • Liaise with academic colleagues/ relevant industry contacts to ensure ongoing development and relevance of training
  • Participate actively in the subject matter advisory committee
  • Organize technology demonstration , training and coaching programs for trainers and trainees
  • Provide technology information and advice to incubatees and during technical trainings and facilitate access new wood technologies
  • Assist trainers & incubatees in setting up innovative design of their products and services
  • Conduct research and innovative projects contribute to creative outputs
  • Demonstrate evidence of ongoing creative practice
  • Participate in the upgrade of program content, where relevant
  • Attend regular staff meetings and relevant events
  • File all required documentation , including tracking and reporting on at-risks students
  • Participate in student grievance and disciplinary sessions, where relevant
  • Facilitate Teaching learning activities in accordance with the requirements of the program outcomes and in accordance with accredited program outlines
  • Adhere to centralized policies and procedures that ensure outstanding quality and unquestionable integrity of all academic programs offered
  • Assist with relevant marketing activities for the school (i.e open days etc)
  • Engage in other business functions, where applicable , beyond core marketing responsibilities
  • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the academic program, including attendance and maintenance of student records
  • Perform other job related duties as may be required

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualification

  • At least Bachelor’s Degree in Land Surveying with 5 years of experience in Training / teaching
  • With proven extensive experience providing high quality and relevant skills and development training in land surveying
  • Proven extensive field experience along with training skills shall be preferred
Required Competencies and key technical skills
  • Familiar use of surveying instruments such as Levels, theodile, D/GPS and Total station when data collection
  • Skills in GIS , AUTOCAD and COVADIS softwares in data processing and presentation
  • Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, power point , etc)
  • Skills in delivery of competence-based training (CBT)
  • Skills in conduct of competence based assessment (CBA)
  • Strong commitment to excellence in teaching , research , innovation and professional service
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to use English as a medium of instruction
  • Time management skills
  • Analytical and conceptual skills
  • A sound knowledge of design principles
  • Knowledge of material properties
  • Skills in manufacturing processes and production methods
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team spirit
  • High standards of professional ethics and secrecy
  • Efficient, effective and economic use of resources
  • Responsive, prompt , effective, impartial and equitable provision of services
  • Devotion and serving public interest
  • Accountability for administrative decisions
  • Transparency and provision to the public of timely and accurate information
  • Compliance With Rwandan moral values
  • Time management
  • Zero Tolerance to corruption, rape and sexual harassment
  • Willing to be placed work anyway in Rwanda

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