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The Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare of the Republic of Zimbabwe in partnership with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Rwanda under the auspices of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on the 23rd December 2021, is recruiting competent Zimbabwean Educational personnel to be employed in Rwanda under 4 categories .

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are invited to express their interest to apply for these positions by filling out the online form accessible by clicking the link :

Candidates who will pass the pre-selection stage will be recommended by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare of the Republic of Zimbabwe to be registered in the online recruitment system managed by the two responsible Ministries

Interested candidates should complete their expression of interest not later than 4 June 2022 at 5.00pm (Harare Time). For Further details or queries candidates may contact Mr David Munikwa , Senior Labor officer by email : or by phone at +263716555425

List of Vacant job positions by category 

Category 1 : Basic General Education Tutors 
No Program Job Position Number of Teachers Needed
1TTCEnglish Tutor 48
2TTCFoundations of Education Tutor48
3TTCScience Tutor 24
4TTCMathematics Tutor24
5TTCSocial Studies Tutor48
6TTCSpecial Needs and Inclusive Education Tutor 16
7TTCCreative Performance Tutor 16
8TTCPedagogical and Research Advisor32
9GESSEnglish Teacher4
10GESSScience Teacher 6
11GESSMathematics Teacher 6
12GESSSocial Studies Teacher4
13GESSPedagogical and Research Advisor 2
Total 278
Category 2 : Basic TVET School Trainers
NoProgram Job PositionNumber of Trainers Needed
1Wood Technology Expert Trainer in Wood Technology4
2Tailoring and Fashion Design Expert Trainer in Tailoring and Fashion Design 5
3Leather Technology Expert Trainer in Leather Technology 6
4Land SurveyingExpert Trainer in Land Surveying 3
5Plumbing Technology Expert Trainer in Plumbing Technology3
6Mining Technology Expert Trainer in Mining Technology 2
7Renewable EnergyExpert Trainer in Renewable Energy2
8Heavy Machinery (Road Construction machines operation and maintenance)Expert Trainer in Heavy Machinery (Road Construction machines operation and maintenance)4
9Manufacturing TechnologyExpert Trainer in Manufacturing Technology4
10Interior Design Expert Trainer in Interior Design 4
Category 3 : Polytechnic Trainers
No Program Job PositionNumber of Trainers Needed
1Railway Infrastructure EngineeringExpert Trainer in Railway Civil Infrastructure2
2Railway Infrastructure EngineeringExpert Trainer in Railway Traction and rolling stocks systems 1
3Aircraft MaintenanceExpert Trainer in Aircraft Maintenance 2
4Aircraft MaintenanceExpert Trainer in Avionics Systems 1
5Airline and Airport ManagementExpert Trainer in Airport Management2
6Airline and Airport ManagementExpert Trainer in Airport Management 2
7Logistics and Supply Chain Management Expert Trainer in Supply Chain Management 2
8Logistics and Supply Chain Management Expert Trainer in Logistics and Procurement Management1
9Automotive Technology in the B-Tech Program Expert Trainer in Heavy Vehicle System Mechanics1
10Automotive Technology in the B-Tech programExpert Trainer in Construction Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanics 1
11Automotive Technology in the B-Tech ProgramExpert Trainer in Electrical and Electronics of Heavy Vehicle and Equipment 1
12Automotive Technology in the B-Tech ProgramExpert Trainer in an Integrated System and Control Design1
13Fashion Design Expert Trainer in Fashion Design 1
14Fashion Design Expert Trainer in Clothing Production, (Textile Design, Graphic Design)2
15Horticulture Expert Trainer in Horticultural Crop Production 3
Category 4 : University Lecturers in Medicine and Health Science Programs
No ProgramJob LevelNumber of Lecturers Needed
1School of DentistrySenior Lecturer3
2School of DentistryLecturer4
3School of Health ScienceSenior Lecturer4
4School of Health ScienceLecturer6
5School of Medicine and PharmacyProfessor17
6School of Medicine and Pharmacy Associate Professor2
7School of Medicine and Pharmacy Senior Lecturer41
8School of Medicine and Pharmacy Lecturer44
9School of Nursing  and Midwifery Senior Lecturer1
10School of Nursing and MidwiferyAssociate Nurse Program Mentors 7
11School of Public Health Professor 1
12School of Public Health Associate Professor 2
13School of Public Health Senior Lecturer8
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