Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Retired Nurses are now being recruited to beef up vaccination teams to accelerate further the drive to vaccinate Zimbabweans against Covid-19.

Zimbabwe started vaccinations in February , reaching its first million jabs towards the end of May, the second million on July 22 and reaches the 3rd Million this week, but Government wants the rate speed up further

However , many vaccination centres , particularly council-run clinics have failing to meet demand for the vaccination as their nurses were over-whelmed by the ordinary patient complaints as well at the vaccination sites

This resulted in some centres only administering a limited number of doses despite them being available and leaving a significant number of people stuck on how they could access the jabs since council clinics are generally within their areas and the easiest access .

Health Services Board Chairman Doctor Paulinos Sikhosana said the board had a database of registered retired nurses and these were the ones being targeted for the current recruitment

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