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Sunway City Domestic Competitive Tender Invitation July 2023, Supply and Delivery of Corporate Wear, Provision of Hydro geological Survey Services in the Sun way City Residential and Industrial Areas

Sunway City (Pvt) Ltd Integrated Parks

Sunway City, a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ), is a developer of integrated industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational and residential parks so as to provide relevant infrastructure to facilitate industrial and economic growth of Zimbabwe as well as regional integration and trade

Domestic Competitive Bidding Tender Invitation

Tenders are invited from PRAZ registered companies in possession of certificate of incorporation and current tax clearance for the supply of the following

Tender NoDescription Compulsory Site Visit/ Pre Bid MeetingClosing Date and Time 
SC/02/2023Provision of Hydrogeological Survey Services in the Sunway City Residential and Industrial AreasDate : 13 July 2023Time : 1100hrs (CAT)Date : 8 August 2023Time : 1000hrs (CAT)
SC/03/2023Supply and Delivery of Corporate Wear N/ADate : 08 August 2023 Time : 1000hrs (CAT)

Interested bidders are required to obtain the bid document that consist of the instructions and scope of work upon sending their requests by email to:


Tenders must be enclosed with all specification and costs in three sealed envelopes and clearly endorsed on the outside with the advertised tender number, the description and closing date. Tenders for Corporate Wear (SC/03/2023) must be hand delivered and dropped in the tender box at Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited Offices, 93 Park Lane, Harare and tenders for Hydrological surveys (SC/02/2023) must be hand delivered in the tender box at Sunway City number 2098 Cedar Close, Harare by the closing date and time. Late tenders shall not be accepted

Opening of Tenders

Bidders are free to witness the opening of tenders on the closing date and time at the respective addresses as above. Kindly note that sunway city does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of any tender after evaluation

For any further details or clarification, please contact The Procurement Management Unit on +263-4-006473/8 or 0713 382 847 Email :


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