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3 June

June 3 is the 154th day of the year ,  211 days remain until the end of the year.

World Bicycle Day

In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 as International World Bicycle Day. The resolution for World Bicycle Day recognizes “the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries, and that it is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transport.”

The bicycle is one of the most important inventions in the history of the planet. It provides millions of people with a means of transport powered by nothing other than their bodies. It’s practical, reliable, and helps one to stay fit. Many find that it’s a fun and hassle-free way to get around and take care of daily tasks.

World Bicycle Day is the United Nation’s attempt to recognize the vital importance of the bicycle across the globe. The bike has helped many families across the world to get access to cheap and reliable transportation. It’s no wonder so many partake in the celebration and want to get the word out to others about this exciting and eventful day

World Bicycle Day 2021 theme

“Uniqueness, versatility, and longevity of the bicycle as a simple, sustainable, economical, and reliable mode of transportation”


a) Safety first

The “safety bicycle” was designed by English engineer Harry Lawson in 1876. It is now the most common type of bicycle, although nobody calls it by its original name anymore.

b) Tandem bicycles aren’t only two seaters

The longest tandem bicycle seated 35 people, it was more than 65 feet long

c) A French bicyclist in America

Frenchman Pierre Lallement, living in Connecticut, filed the earliest American patent application for a pedal bicycle in 1866.

d) It’s a dandy

The “dandy horse,” and early forerunner of the bicycle, was invented by German Karl Drais and patented in February 1818. It was heavy and powered by running the rider’s feet along the ground.

e) Put the pedal down

A blacksmith in Scotland named Kirkpatrick Macmillan is generally credited with inventing the first pedal-driven bicycle in 1839.



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