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World Drowning Prevention Day

25 July

World Drowning Prevention Day is observed on the 25th of July every year to raise awareness about the importance of water safety and the prevention of drowning, which is a major public health concern globally. The day was established through a United Nations General Assembly resolution in April 2021, and the first observance took place in 2021. Here are some frequently asked questions about World Drowning Prevention Day:

Why is World Drowning Prevention Day important?

World Drowning Prevention Day is important because drowning is a significant public health issue worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury deaths globally, with an estimated 236,000 deaths annually. By raising awareness about water safety and drowning prevention, this day aims to reduce the number of drowning incidents and save lives.

What are some ways to prevent drowning?

Some ways to prevent drowning include:

  • Learning how to swim and teaching children how to swim
  • Wearing life jackets or other appropriate flotation devices
  • Supervising children closely when they are in or near water
  • Installing barriers around swimming pools and other bodies of water
  • Avoiding alcohol and drug use when swimming or boating
  • Knowing CPR and first aid

How can people get involved in World Drowning Prevention Day?

People can get involved in World Drowning Prevention Day by:

  • Learning about water safety and drowning prevention
  • Sharing information about drowning prevention with family, friends, and communities
  • Participating in events and activities organized by local organizations or governments
  • Donating to organizations that work to prevent drowning, such as the International Lifesaving
  • Federation (ILS) or the Global Drowning Fund (GDF)

What is the theme of World Drowning Prevention Day 2021?

The theme of World Drowning Prevention Day 2021 is “Every Life Matters.” This theme highlights the importance of preventing drowning and saving lives, particularly among vulnerable populations such as children, women, and those who live in low- and middle-income countries


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