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World Smile Day

October 1

What and When is World Smile Day?

In 2021, World Smile Day will take place on the 1st of October 2021. The idea of the day is to do a simple act of kindness for someone to make them simile. If we all make the effort to do one thing to make each other smile, we’ll all be grinning in no time.

How did World Smile Day come about?

We all know the smiley face emoji, right? Well, this is actually based on a design created by an artist called Harvey Ball back in 1963. Harvey originally created the smiley face design for a local company that wanted to boost the morale of their employees. Over time, the design grew and grew in popularity until it became the international symbol of cheer and good will it is today. 

Harvey never copyrighted or trademarked the design, so, despite the symbol’s enormous popularity, the only money he ever made from the smiley face was the $45 he was initially paid for it. Harvey maintained a philosophical attitude about this, and was happy to see his design becoming used so much.

In the late 1990s, Harvey decided to that we should all set aside one day to simply smile and be kind towards each other, which is how World Smile Day came about. On this day, we can forget all our differences and just focus on being cheerful towards everyone we meet.

When Harvey passed away in 2001, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was set up to honour his name and memory. The foundation focuses on raising money for small, grassroots charities that would otherwise receive little attention or funding.

What is the theme of World Smile Day 2021?

The theme of World Smile Day 2021 is “do an act of kindness, help one person smileā€. This theme seems very appropriate for the year, as there are so many huge things happening in the world that we have very little control over. What we can do, though, is focus on the small things we can control, like taking a little extra time to help someone with something, or to make them laugh. The idea is that if we all make a bit of effort to do one small act of kindness this World Smile Day, then, together, we can make a pretty big change in the world.

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World Smile Day Observances

Fun Holiday: World Smile Day Observances
2021Fri1 OctWorld Smile Day
2022Fri7 OctWorld Smile Day
2023Fri6 OctWorld Smile Day
2024Fri4 OctWorld Smile Day
2025Fri3 OctWorld Smile Day
2026Fri2 OctWorld Smile Day
2027Fri1 OctWorld Smile Day
2028Fri6 OctWorld Smile Day
2029Fri5 OctWorld Smile Day
2030Fri4 OctWorld Smile Day


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